Model Name : DS

  • Output shaft is attached with a round shaft
  • Can be applied to linking of shaft coupler or keyway
  • suitable used in period conveyer or through gear, timing belt, chain driven mechanism

Size of Indexing Drvies 25DS,32DS,45DS,60DS,70DS,80DS,110DS,140DS,180DS
Lead Number
Single DWELL 2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12
Multi-DWELL 16,20,24,30,32,36,48,60,72,120
Reduction Ratio 6,8,10,12
Index Angle 90°,180°,270°,360°
Oscillating Angle -0°-120°
Number of disk rotations
(It depends on the split, drive angle, actual load)
Repeatability Accuracy