Indexing Drives, also known as roll gear cam index. According to the needs of users’ time series production cams, cam rotation drives output shaft. The output shaft shows intermittent movement of mechanical products since its internal structure is all-mechanical. It also has a long service life.

The output shaft is also a roller turret assembly with 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 24 rollers on the assembly.

The main mechanism is a combination of a cam (input shaft) and a roller turret (output shaft), with cast iron shells, bearing, oil seals, eccentric nuts, and several components of different sizes and shapes.

  1. Step-by-step (intermittence) – for the pointing accuracy to be high, the revolving precision may amount to ±20~±40 seconds, including a fluctuation function and a fluctuation repetition precision in 0.05mm.
  2. The zero backlash is designed to ensure a non-recoil of the divider as a result of the structural design through the preloading action from the center of the force of axis.
  3. For a large transmission torque, the user refers to the indexing drive as a cam type reducer.
  4. At high speed operation and stable vibrations, the maximum speed can be affected up to 200~600rpm by load, split number, driving angle, lifting stroke, and cam type.
    *Angle units are in degrees, minutes, and seconds, 1 degrees = 60 Minutes, 1 minutes = 60 seconds
    * The Index Drives can use a specific ratio and have a non-stop 360-degree cam.

The output of the indexing drives usually connected to a disk or conveyor belt.

Connect the induction motor to the reducer or use the servo motor. Users with special needs will have additional power distribution for electronic control to extend the stop time as needed. There are range limits in the indexing drive's motion stop ratio.
*Please do not connect the induction motor to the access input shaft directly. If the motor is docked incorrectly, it may damage the input shaft.

Many of the indexing drives produced by our company have required adjustments or repairs after 10 years of continuous use. Normal usage and maintenance of indexing drives will give the product a longer life.

In order to achieve reliable and high speed of the dividing mechanism, with automation and labor-saving automatic machine and special machine, we use the method of cam dividing, and the roller gear mechanism in dividing has earned the most stable and reassuring of the evaluation. 

  1. Cam Drive Track by the 5-axis CNC Grinder Precision grinding molding, smooth operation, accurate positioning, no sliding offset phenomenon, will not produce cumulative tolerances.
  2. The cam has high precision, no backlash during operation, accurate positioning (within 30 seconds), low noise, and special acceleration and deceleration motion curve, so it can be swiveled at high speed. The camshaft rotation speed can reach 600RPM or more.
  3. The cam is made of high-grade alloy steel and refined carburizing heat treatment material which is strong and tough. It is immersed in the engine oil with the cam bearing of the output shaft, and has less wear at high speed. It can ensure long life and continuous operation can reach more than 12,000 hours without abrasion.
  4. The roller gear cam dividing mechanism has the advantages of simple structure, high reliability and zero failure rate.
  5. The total number of segments is large (currently 120 equal parts).
  6. It can be installed in any direction, and easy to be used.

# Calculate the load torque according to the load conditions, and then select the proper Indexing Drives correctly.

The internal parts of the roller cam divider can bear the limit of load. Therefore, the calculated torque must be calculated according to the formula, and then the required specifications should be selected, so that the cam indexer can play the most perfect function.

# It is necessary to have anti-collision devices to make operation safer.

When the Cam Indexing Drives is in operation, in order to prevent damage caused by human negligence or the collision of other factors, the torque limiter must be installed during installation and the appropriate slip torque should be adjusted to avoid causing damage during the collision.

#Under the permitted circumstances, please use the larger driving angle as far as possible.

Cam Indexing Drives are used in the whole machine as the cam mechanism, in order to obtain a longer working time, the relative must choose a smaller drive angle of Indexing Drives. A smaller drive angle of the cam track surface slope is high, roller thrust to produce multidirectional force, and the driving angle of the cam has a variety of other favorable factors, so please choose a larger drive angle splitter.

# Using the lubricating oil normally to extend the service life.

After the Cam Indexing Drives is re-installed and fixed, it is necessary to replace the exhaust plug head into the oil outlet to exclude the higher air pressure that caused by thermal expansion in operation

# Please contact the technical department of Fei Jih Precision Machinery if the original disc diameter exceeds seven times the axial distance between the input shaft and the output shaft.
#If there is any problem or need more detailed information, please contact our technical department. We will serve you.