Model Name : DSU

  • The output is flange design, which can be matched with large diameter disc.
  • Its output axis can move up and down indepently, and the flange can be divided intermittently

Size of Indexing Drvies 70DSU,80DSU,110DSU
Lead Number
Single DWELL 2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12
Double DWELL 16,20,24,30,32,36,48,60,72,120
Reduction Ratio 90°,180°,270°
Oscillating Angle 1°~180°
Number of disk rotations
(It depends on the split, drive angle, actual load)
Ascending Schedule 70DSU: MAX. 30 mm
80DSU: MAX. 40 mm
110DSU: MAX. 60 mm
Repeatability Accuracy