The indexing drives are widely used and usually based on automation and semi-automation.
Currently, it is widely being used in equipment testing, electronics, and in pharmaceutical, printing, food packaging, glass, ceramic, and chemical machinery.
Practical applications include: automatic welding, vacuum forming, filament winding, high-speed punching, line punching, dynamic pressure, tapping, assembly, feeding, processing, printing, pad printing, screen printing, bronzing, inspection, sorting, packaging, consistency of capacitance, classification, and resistance diodes.

  1. The number of divisions is also called the number of stations. If there are 8 workstations on the disc, there will be 8 divisions.
  2. Each division consists of 1 rotation plus 1 stop action.
  3. The drive angle: stop angle = motion-stop ratio. The motion-stop ratio is the ratio of time of rotation and stopping in 1 workstation per unit time. The common interval of motion stop is 3:1-1:2, and the greater the driving angle, the relatively smoother operation of the indexing drives.

  1. To check the level of oil, and make sure the indexing drive is not running. If the oil line is not visible in the oil mirror, oil should immediately be added.
  2. After the first 1,000 hours of operation, the oil should be replaced. Then, replace the oil after every 3,000 hours of operation or after each year.
  3. The lubricants of the indexing drives and the lubricating oil splitter have great influence on the life span. Please use the CPC Corporation, Taiwan extreme pressure oil HD220.
  4. The inspection of the driving part, the periodic inspection of the driving part of the relation between the camshaft of the indexing drive and the output shaft, connecting shaft, pulley, sprocket, gear and output shaft of the drive part is loose, and pay attention to the tooth belt, chain tension, gear clearance and so on.
  5. For any indexing drives failure, immediately stop operation and contact Fei Jih Precision Machinery Corporation.